Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One of those days....

Yesterday was.....shall we say an eventful day! It all started when the crew arrived bright and early to clean our carpets. Stephen headed off to a morning training session and Caroline and I went shopping for a wedding gift. Not just any wedding present....a wedding present for her birthmom so we wanted it to be special. Well it took all morning and we finally came up with something. We met Stephen for lunch and then rushed home because the Direct TV guy was coming to install our DVR box(Yes, I know what you are could ya'll have gone this long without Tivo? And the answer is.....I DON'T KNOW! I already love it and it hasn't even been a full day.) I put Caroline down for her nap and started working on a couple of pies. We were going to my sister's house for dinner for my brother-in-law's birthday and he loves pies....I of course being the perfect sister-in-law said I would make him some pies. I thought it would be okay because Stephen was home so I could work on the pies while he let the Direct TV guy in and handled that. However, we just purchased a wireless router for his laptop(I know, I know...we are behind the times. But hey, we're catching we have Tivo and wireless!) and he decided to install that. Well, that took all afternoon and several phone calls so he was locked up in the office all afternoon. Meanwhile, I'm making a pie and I'm at the part where you are supposed to be constantly stirring the ingredients on the stove while it comes to a boil and of course who shows up right at that moment....the Direct TV guy! I let him in and try to juggle answering his questions while stirring the pie filling on the stove. He then tells me he needs in the attic so I thought ok he'll handle that. But then I look outside in the garage and he is just standing there.....I assume he is waiting on me to pull open the attic stairs so I proceed to quickly take care of this because I remember I'm still in the middle of pie making. Something was in the way of the stairs so I shove it out of the way and then the stairs come crashing down....ON MY HEAD! I am bending over holding my head and then Stephen appears and says...."What's going on?" I yelled at him to handle that situation so I could tend to my pie and I think I said something sarcastic about him being a huge help.

So anyway, now that I've rambled on....we now have really clean carpets, a wedding present, Tivo and wireless internet. Oh, and the pies turned out alright if I do say so myself!

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The Finneys said...

My, oh, my, that was quite a day. You poor thing. I'm glad everything turned out ok. And congrats on the wireless and the tivo. Your life will never be the same now that you've got tivo! :)