Saturday, August 14, 2010


So we've turned everything into the agency and now all we have to do is seeing as how that is so boring and all let's do something CRAZY like have a yard sale! No, seriously we are still not quite to our goal with our fund-raising so we thought we'd have a yard sale. It will be on Saturday September 4th(which is Labor Day weekend) at our house. Here's how you can help......

*Bring over any unwanted junk(we all have some) anytime starting now until the Friday night before the sale.

*If you don't have anything to donate then you could come the week of the sale to help price

*Help the day of the yard sale-set up/tear down

*If you have a truck and can haul off the stuff we don't sale to take to Goodwill-there is one close to our house.

*Spread the word of sale to friends and family!! The more stuff we have to sell, the more money we raise for our adoption!!

Oh, and we are accepting basically everything for the sale except for clothes. So we will take household items, furniture, decor items, electronics, books, baby items/equipment, kids toys, movies, and anything else that I have left off this list!