Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes, we're still if you were really worried!

Sorry for the looonnnggg period of silence but you all know how busy life can be! Let's see....there were the holidays. We had a wonderful Christmas! Caroline absolutely LOVED her second Christmas. From baking cookies to wrapping presents to watching Christmas movies to opening presents...she simply loved it all!! Stephen and I could not get over how much she liked all the Christmas movies and she REALLY got into them. So much so that a month later she is still asking to watch The Grinch(Ginch), Rudolph(Roo-off), Elf, and Home Alone(yes, it's considered a Christmas classic in our home....oh and she asks for this movie by putting both hands on her cheeks and opening her mouth wide-the scene when he puts his dad's aftershave on his face!)

New Year's was wonderful as well. We drove to Nashville on New Year's Eve to hang out with our friends from med school days. We all went out to dinner and then back to the hotel to ring in the New Year! It was great to catch up and TRY to plan a celebration cruise for the completion of residency. We did this after med school and it was much easier to plan! Now, 5 babies later, 2 of the husbands already busy in practice, one husband starting with his practice this summer, one of the husbands going into sports medicine which keeps us from going in the fall during football get the point! It's next to impossible but we are determined to make it work and go on a trip sometime in our lifetime to celebrate!

Now on to January. My LEAST favorite month of the year! (Sorry Heather-I know it's your birthday month and all....) Well, quite honestly I just get down in the dumps this month and I'm so glad it's almost over!! My sweet husband will be too as he's been working like a dog.....will the sickness ever end?