Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's in the cupcakes?

Yesterday at lunch the girls from the office were discussing Muddy's cupcakes. We decided that anytime there needed to be a happy topic brought up after anything heavy or sad was discussed then we would talk about Muddy's because we stayed on that topic for quite awhile! Needless to say what's been on my mind since that conversation.....you guessed it-Muddy's. So Stephen and I took Caroline this afternoon and we all picked out our flavor. Caroline sat and stared at the cupcake and smiled...too cute for words! It was if she knew how delicious it was going to be and she didn't want to rush it. She finally dug in and ate every last bite! Fast forward to bedtime. It's eight o'clock...her usual bedtime and she seemed chattier and sillier than normal but I thought she would settle down and fall asleep.(I really had forgotten about the cupcake) Well she talked and sang and clapped and sang some more and talked.....finally at around 9:15 I didn't hear her anymore. Of course I thought my little angel must be sound asleep now so I'll go and make sure she's covered up. I walk in her room and peek into her crib to find her TOTALLY NAKED and still wide awake!! She has never done that before so I really didn't know whether to laugh or discipline at that moment....so I did both!

On my way out of her room I asked myself....what's in the cupcakes?