Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Press On...

We spent the month of October that year filling out paperwork, getting physicals, having interviews with our social worker, getting finger printed, tracking down bank statements, tracking down copies of all kinds of things like our marriage license and birth certificates, proof of health and life insurance and etc. You get the idea! We were busy that month to say the least. We turned in everything and our social worker approved us to adopt. Now we just had to wait to be accepted and approved by the agency in Texas and be invited to their next orientation weekend. We were approved by the agency and got a call in November letting us know that the next orientation weekend would be the first weekend in December. Abrazo Adoption Agency is located in San Antonio so it would mean we had to fly there for the weekend. The orientation was Friday night and all day Saturday. We began praying that it would work out for us to go. Those of you that are familiar with residency....there is no "taking off a weekend here and there" for any reason really. It just doesn't happen. So, we knew it would take a small miracle for it to work out with Stephen's work schedule.

Well, God still works miracles and He was able to work it out for us to go. Stephen had to work 27 days straight in the ICU that month to get that 3 days off but he did it! Even financially God worked it out....one family member paid for our plane tickets, another our hotel and rental car. It was all coming together and we were so excited. The agency told us to bring pictures with us because we would begin working on our scrapbook there. I started gathering pictures and remember thinking as I was looking at all of them....we're about to be taking pictures and there will be 3 of us in them. It won't be just the two of us anymore. I began thinking about what our child would look like and be like. It was so fun to really start dreaming about our baby!

So, we packed our bags and went to San Antonio for an amazing orientation weekend!

To be continued...

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