Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We went to Oxford for the day shortly after our anniversary to visit Stephen's Aunt Monica who moved their last summer. We hadn't had the chance to go down and see her house and visit with her since Stephen works every Saturday and I work every Sunday. So, he took a Saturday off and we drove on down to see her. We got the tour of her home and then went to a local farmer's market there. While at the farmer's market Caroline couldn't help but notice there were horses that had carriages you could ride in so we went for a ride and she loved every minute of it! Then we had a yummy lunch and visited with more family who were bringing Monica a piece of furniture she had ordered. We all sat outside on the front porch of this antique store and I saw something that I had never seen before! A bed swing! I mean these adorable day beds that had cute cushions and throw pillows on them that were SO very comfortable! One day I would love to have a big front porch and put a couple of those out there on the porch. A good book and a bed swing=HEAVEN!! Once again, I didn't document these adorable inventions because I was chasing after my two year old! I HAVE GOT to do better....

Caroline and her cousin Isaac hanging out together!

Aunt Monica, me and Caroline enjoying the carriage ride!

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