Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Great Season!

So as most all of you know we are HUGE Tiger basketball fans in the Stancil household! We had a great season and are so proud of the Tigers(3 of which became the winningest basketball players in NCAA history after this season....that's a pretty big deal!) for a job well done.

Caroline loved watching the games this season and cheered those Tigers on to the Sweet 16! And yes, we are such loyal fans that we welcomed the Tigers home from the airport after their last game. It's really a full circle moment for me(for lack of a better term) and it's so much more than basketball for me. For's holding on to a piece of my mom that makes me feel close to her and that keeps her memory alive for Caroline. I grew up watching Tiger basketball. It was an event at our house! We didn't just watch the game. We had people over to watch the game...with yummy game food of course. If it was an away game we listened to the post game show on the radio(I actually called in once to talk to one of the players and I asked him out on a date-I was 9) and then loaded up in the car for the airport to welcome the Tigers home. I spent so many nights in the airport as a child and I would fall asleep wherever I could find a spot. Ok, I think you get the picture. Tiger basketball made my mom happy and so it's only natural that I would be enjoying it today with my daughter just as my mom did with her daughter!

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