Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll

We had a great time yesterday going to pick out our pumpkins. The tradition in our family is you each get to pick out one so we left with 3 pumpkins and some pretty purple mums. The man selling the pumpkins fell in love with Caroline so he gave her a little bitty pumpkin of her very own. She carried it around with her the rest of the afternoon!


Paul and Heather said...

Caroline, my kindred spirit, with a love for pumpkins :) These pics are cute! See you all tomorrow night!!

kkoois said...

adorable! and who wouldn't fall in love with caroline?!?!?!

where did you go?

Jessica and Stephen said...

We went to the farmers market at the agricenter. They have several sellers there who sell produce, plants, flowers, pumpkins, etc. See you at Bible Study!