Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost There...

The end is in sight! Our social worker came out on Tuesday and we had our last interview with her. Caroline gave her the tour of the house and showed her where the baby's room will be. It was so cute to hear Caroline telling her all about how she used to sleep in that crib and now the baby will sleep there. The social worker will write up a report and approve us(we hope) and then we'll be done with our case study. We have another set of questions to answer but we are nearing the end of those too. And the AMAZING Kim McMillen came over this past week to get our scrapbook started. Only she did a lot more than that...she almost knocked out the whole book in one night! So, I just have to add a few things to it over the weekend and it will be ready to turn in. It still amazes me how so many friends and family have rallied around us to help in all kinds of ways! We are so thankful to all you!! So, hopefully we will have everything turned in by late next week and be just about ready to be on the waiting list!! So exciting!! It's hard to believe that all of the work is almost behind us and now we just wait. That's all for now. I'll keep you posted once everything is turned in and we are "officially" on the list. Thanks for the prayers...keep them coming!

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